Before you can sail the four corners of the world you'll need to be sure the three corners of your spinnaker sail are up to the journey ahead! NationalSail.com offers the finest spinnakers available: pre-made, in stock, brand new unless otherwise specified, and ready to ship. Simply scroll down the left side of the screen, beneath our user-friendly 'Filter By' option, and choose your luff and foot range to find the spinnakers sail for you. New to sailing and aren't sure which is the proper choice? Please feel free to call us at 800.611.3823 with any questions. We're always happy to help our customers find the perfect solution for their needs, whether they're shopping for spinnakers or sail hardware.

Investing in quality craftsmanship isn't only a better choice from a financial perspective, as you will get more adventures from a well-made spinnaker. But it also allows you to enjoy a smoother ride, relaxing and connecting with your surroundings. Quality construction and computer design for optimum sail shape, these are all characteristics of a spinnaker for sale from NationalSail.com.

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  1. $1,398.00
    New asymmetrical spinnaker with luff 40', leech 36.4', foot 25', full radial cut in dark blue .75oz Nylon Learn More
  2. $1,359.00
    Built in grey and pink 1.5oz nylon, luff 41, leech 35, foot 21. Pre-installed in dousing sock Learn More
  3. $1,575.00
    Full radial cut in 1.5oz nylon with dark blue edges, white body and light blue star in the center, pre-installed in a dousing sock Learn More
  4. $1,241.28
    This spinnaker is built in .75oz rip-stop nylon. It is full radial cut with dark blue around the edges, white body and pink star in the center. This is a brand new spinnaker and comes pre-installed in a dousing sock. Learn More