Catalina 22 sails

Owning a beautiful Catalina Yacht is a luxury that you have earned. Having the ability to head out into the lake or ocean in one of these spectacular vessels can be made even better with new Catalina 22 sails. is proud to offer an array of wonderful custom Catalina sails for your boat. All you have to do is place an order for our yacht sails and we do the rest. Every order is made only after you place the order and will be available within four to six weeks.

In addition to selling standard Catalina 22 sails, we feature accessories and add-ons. You can purchase a dousing sock, drifter, storm jib, or a genoa, as well as additional reefs and numbers for your Catalina sails. Just add what you need onto your order and we make sure your sail is perfect. Check out our yacht sails today and place an order for a custom creation!