Catalina 25 std rig sails

Whether you are interested in racing or day sailing, is proud to provide you with fantastic Catalina 25 sails. These are standard rig custom sails that are built to order by our talented team of dedicated sail makers. When you place an order for your own set of Catalina sails, we get to work and can provide you with the perfect sails and accessories for your vessel within three to five weeks.

Our Catalina 25 mainsails come with a variety of accessories for your needs, including a leech line with cleats at the reef and clew. They also come with tell tales, a rope foot, sail battens, a sail bag, and slugs on luff. Furthermore, you can select sail covers, additional reefs, insignias, sail numbers, and a Cunningham eye for your custom sails. Take a look at our excellent Catalina sails to find the right selections for your boat today.

The Catalina 25 headsails have leech lines with cleats, tell tales and come with a sailbag. These are custom built with either hanks or luff tape on the luff.