Catalina 25 tall rig sails

Hit the waters with confidence when you choose quality custom sails from Our team is proud to offer high-end sails for your Catalina 25 tall rig. These tall rig Catalina 25 sails are custom built for your specific wind conditions, making sure that catching a breeze is just that – a breeze! Additionally, you can select a variety of fabulous accessories to upgrade your sailing experience. These options include mainsail covers, Cunningham, flattening reef eyes, sail numbers, additional reefs, and insignias. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get to work customizing your Catalina sails.

Our custom sails are built to order, which means every selection is made specifically for you. Once you place the order for your Catalina 25 sails, there is a standard delivery time of three to five weeks. Take a look at our fantastic Catalina sails today and see what selection works best for your vessel.